Current Research

Should I Airbnb my Property?

This research (w/ Gideon Aschwanden) looks into whether a short-term leasing strategy (Airbnb-ing) creates more revenue that a traditional long-term strategy.  This work was funded by the Real Estate Research Institute (RERI) and was presented in Chicago, IL on May 11, 2017.

Krause_Ashwanden Final Report

The AirBNB market in Melbourne

See the PDF below for a ‘census’ of the current Airbnb market in Melbourne as of 31 August 2016.  Key findings are shown in the report while the movie visualizes the growth in reservations over time.

The video below shows the growth in Airbnb reservations (Saturday nights only) in Melbourne from October 2014 to August 2016.  Points indicate a reservation location.


Drivers of Rental Yields in Melbourne: 2015

Working paper on identifying the factors that drive residential rental yields Melbourne, Australia.




Rent to Price Ratio (Rental Yields) Methods

Working paper on rental yield calculation methods in Melbourne, Australia.  This work was first presented at the American Real Estate Society Annual Meeting, March 2016 in Denver, CO, USA.

Krause Aschwanden 2016 – Working